Chain link fences, whether the traditional hot-dipped galvanized or vinyl coated type, are an economical way to provide years of maintenance-free security and access control. These types of fences are extremely versatile; they can be made in a variety of heights, and can handle anything from a simple boundary marker for a homeowner to perimeter security (they can be topped with barb or razor wire) for commercial or industrial property. And, with the addition of slats, any chain link fence can easily become a privacy fence.

When High Point Fence Company creates your chain link fence, we’ll set each post in concrete. Outside of an earthquake or flood, that fence isn’t going anywhere! We’re also sure to use galvanized screws and fittings to prevent bi-metallic corrosion and those nasty-looking weeping rust stains on your posts and poles.

Gates, from a small pedestrian opening too enlarge enough for a truck, are easily added to your new chain link fence. These gates can be manual, self-closing, or manipulated by electric gate operators. Each gate is welded at all corners for added stability; no cheap aluminum gate-L’s on our fences! Just let us know which type of access you need, and we’ll design it.

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