An organization’s sustainability management strategy focuses on performance measurement, management and reporting.
About the most important economic, environmental and social aspects in order to achieve the maximum possible benefit
For all interested parties now and in the future. This strategy defines ten aspects and threePillars of sustainability value that must be addressed from construction to site operation

Blue line fence & metal construction factory is committed to manufacturing and supplying of hot rolled steel buildings and its components mainly profiled sheets, sandwich panels, purlins and also Barbed wire, tension wire, and other accessories as per international code of practice and in compliance with applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

We are committed to satisfy the expectations and requirements of the customers in all aspects of our operations through continues improvements in manufacturing process, management systems and by training our staff to the highest possible levels in order to assist our customers at all the stages.

To achieve the sustainable growth and profitability we are committed to working hard in a smart way and valuing & developing a team of dedicated professionals.

•Customer satisfaction to the highest level throughot the process.
•To be the leader in the market with highest level of quality product & services.
•Comply with international code of practice for desi
•Working together with our customer towards a coand manufacturing. mon goal.
•To be a value based, ethical, transparent & competent in the area of our business.
•Developing the employee’s skills and improving their contribution through effective training.
•Provide safe and healthy work environment.