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The sandwich panel is a system that helps protect buildings from external factors, and provides practical and economical solutions for creating a strong structure. Insulating panels are used as a fortified, light and modern catalyst for covering roofs and facades of buildings, in addition to being used to achieve acoustic and thermal insulation or to create cold storages.
The sandwich panel is also used in all sides of the building and its roofs to protect against external factors, as its lining is produced with thick and low-density insulation materials between two thin metal surfaces with high density. These panels are produced in continuous lines ready for installation directly, and despite their low weight, they have the ability to bear very large weights

A sandwich panel is a type of building material that consists of two layers of a rigid material (such as metal or plastic) that are sandwiching a core material, typically made of foam or insulation. These panels are used in construction, typically as a type of cladding on the exterior of a building or as partitions or walls in interior spaces. They offer a number of benefits, such as good insulation properties, structural strength, and ease of installation. Sandwich panels are also lightweight and customizable, making them a versatile option for many different types of construction projects.

A sandwich panel is a type of building material that consists of three layers: a low-density core sandwiched between two thin, high-strength skins. The core is typically made of foam or other lightweight materials, while the skins can be made of various materials such as metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Sandwich panels are often used in construction for walls, roofs, and floors, as they are lightweight, strong, and energy-efficient. They are also used in transportation for example for the body of truck and trailer, refrigerated truck and trailer, and train.

A sandwich panel is a type of building material that consists of two outer layers of a chosen material (such as metal or plastic) with a core material in between. The core material is usually a lightweight insulation material such as polyurethane or polystyrene. Sandwich panels are often used in the construction of walls, roofs, and floors for industrial and commercial buildings, as well as in refrigerated trucks and shipping containers. They offer good insulation properties, strength, and durability

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