When you decide to buy windows and doors for your home, you must think about choosing the most appropriate way from the different options available to you. When you search for windows and doors, several options will appear in front of you to choose one of them, and they are UPVC, or as some call it PVC, is polyvinyl chloride (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), as it is known, a widely used plastic material, and it is one of the most valuable products for the chemical industry. Free root mechanism. Globally, more than 50% of polyvinyl chloride is The plant is used in construction as a structural material because it is cheap and easy to install. In recent years, polyvinyl chloride has replaced many construction materials in many areas, although there are concerns about the impact of polyvinyl chloride on the environment and human health. As this polymer is unstable in the direction of light and heat, and this leads to wide changes in the structure due to the removal of HCl, and this also affects its physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Polyvinyl chloride is prepared from vinyl chloride monomer which is a very important compound in industry.


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