services - INSTALLATION 

The installation is carried out according to precise engineering methods by specialists in our field who are trained to the highest degree of efficiency and development.Blue line fence & metal construction factory is a reliable steel erection company based in Al Ain, UAE. We provide a complete and integrated solution to clients, including building and construction services. We employ a highly qualified and experienced construction team capable of installing up to 4,000 tons of structural steel per month. Our team has extensive field experience and training, allowing us to handle any project, large or small, with professional ease.The Blue line fence & metal construction factory team takes the time to plan everything from material delivery, material handling, assembly and installation. We work hard to be a steel company you can trust. Our team works alongside industry experts to ensure our design and installation are customized to match your project requirements as well as site structure, conditions, equipment, manpower, etc. Our innovative erection solutions are optimized to reduce cost, time and security. It is famous for its stability and appearance.